Viipurin saaristolainen noutopöytä

Hietalahti - Helsinki

Welcome to Restaurant Konstan Molja's homepage!

From our traditional Finnish kitchen you can find:

Plentiful dinner buffet tue-fri 17.00-22.00, sat 16.00-23.00 ask for catering for your parties and events!

Restaurant Konstan Molja is a traditional Finnish restaurant with a Finnish food and maritime atmosphere. Konstan Molja hounours old Finnish traditions. From the molja, also known as the dock, you can step down to enjoy home made lunch, traditional dinner buffet or a la carte dishes. For more private occasions we have two cabinets in the restaurant: "Viipuri" and "Marski". Welcome! Click pictures below to enlarge them.

Restaurant Konstan Molja opening hours and dinner:

17.00-22.00 Tue-Fri 
16.00-23.00 Saturdays 

Plentiful appetizer menu e.g:

cold smoked salmon
marinated herrings
mushroom sallad
sour cabbage
egg butter
karelian pie
green sallad

Soup of the day

roast reindeer
meat dish of the day
sea salmon fillet
gratinated vegetables
season dishes
cream potatoes
mashed potatoes
boiled potatoes

20 € / person

10,00 €  Skewered vegetables with salsa sauce, rice
10,00 €  Salmon salad
10,00 €  Caribian Chicken Salad

We have red wine, white wine and sparkling wine from Argentina, Chile,
Italy and Spain 
by the glass 5,50 € and by bottles 29-34 €.  

Company ceremonies
Memorial service
Travel groups etc.