Viipurin saaristolainen noutopöytä

Hietalahti - Helsinki

Konstan Möljä - a legendary Finnish restaurant

Konstan Mölja is a traditional Finnish restaurant with a unique maritime atmosphere. The word "Möljä" means pier in olde Finnish. From Konstan Möljä’s buffet you can find traditional Finnish fares with a maritime twist. In Eastern Finland and Carelia it is traditional to serve both meat and fish as well as different kinds of pastries and soups as a part of celebrations. We welcome you to experience authentic Finnish cuisine!

For private occasions we have two cabinets "Viipuri" and "Marski". Please inquire for our group menus, desserts and wine packages. We can also make birthday cakes and other special treats for groups. Please make your group reservation at least one week in advance.

Restaurant Konstan Molja opening hours and dinner:

From Tuesday to Thursday 17-22:

22 € / person 
12,5 € / children under 12 years

Friday and Saturday 16-23:

26€ / person      

15€ / children under 12 years 

Children under 5 years are free of charge


Special events:

It's May Day at Konstan Möljä! We are celebrating Finnish Vappu on the 1st of May and we offer a plentiful special all-you-can-eat buffet, welcome!

On May Day we are open 12-16 and we serve traditional, seasonal delicacies such as wiener sausages, European whitefish, salted fresh herring and probably the best pickles in Helsinki!

Works great with our selection of local beer and champaigne.

32 eur / person

Reservation recommended!

Tel. +358 9 694 7504

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Facebook: Ravintola Konstan Möljä


From our wine selection you can find a wide array of wines from around the world to accompany the foods served on our buffet. Our recommended house wines come from Spain. Savia Viva wines are perfect companions to traditional Finnish dishes. In 1971 Joan and Maruia Angels Cusinè came to the Finland on their honeymoon. They fell in love with Finland and decided to make a wine that
reflects the finnish soul. These wines were created to celebrate all things Finnish!


We also serve traditional cocktails with a Finnish twist!


Please inquire for private events. We organize meetings, birthdays, memorial services etc.