Viipurin saaristolainen noutopöytä

Hietalahti - Helsinki

Konstan Möljä - a legendary Finnish restaurant

A long time ago, a fisherman sailed out from the harbor to cast his nets into the coastal waters of old Viipuri, a castle city which has stood upon the shores of beautiful Karelia for more than 600 years.

The man's name was Konsta. Every time he returned from his fishing trips, he had a boat full of bountiful harvest, fresh from the cold Karelian seas. Konsta would always dock his boat alongside möljä, a harbor pier.

Restaurant Konstan Möljä has been anchored here in Helsinki since 1981. For almost 40 years we have served guests from near and far, offering traditional Finnish food and authentic Karelian memories. We are proud to serve guests from faraway countries that old Konsta himself never had the chance to visit.

We welcome you to relax and enjoy our plentiful buffet!

Konstan Möljä - A legendary traditional dining experience in Helsinki.



Our restaurant is very popular and making a reservation is recommended even during the weekdays. You can contact us via email, phone or through our website's contact-page.

Please notice that we accept same day reservations by phone only. We are best available from 2pm to 9pm.

Tel. +358 9 694 7504



Restaurant Konstan Molja opening hours and dinner menu:

From Tuesday to Thursday 17-22:

22 € / person 
12,5 € / children under 12 years

Friday 17-23 & Saturday 16-23:

26€ / person     

15€ / children under 12 years 

Children under 5 years are free of charge


Our wine selection:

From our wine selection you can find a wide array of wines from around the world to accompany the foods served on our buffet. Our recommended house wines come from Spain. Savia Viva wines are perfect companions to traditional Finnish dishes. In 1971 Joan and Maruia Angels Cusinè came to the Finland on their honeymoon. They fell in love with Finland and decided to make a wine that
reflects the finnish soul. These wines were created to celebrate all things Finnish!

Our House Wines:


Finnish Berry Wines:

Konstan Möljä recommends Finnish berry wines with our buffet. Our wines come from two
small wineries; Lepaa vineyard in Häme and Punaisen Tuvan vineyard inPohjanmaa. Finnish
wines are made from berries instead of grapes and have a distinctive flavor. Our wines are
organic and have been made from fresh Finnish berries with traditional methods.


Sparkling Wines & Rosé:


Red Wines:

White Wines:


We also serve traditional cocktails with a Finnish twist!


Beers and ciders:


Please inquire for private events. We organize meetings, birthdays, memorial services etc.